Facilities Tour by Program

Infant and Toddler

Children in the infant and toddler program will find open crawling spaces, climbing cozy areas, and plenty of toys to help them explore and learn about their world.

The infant rooms are decorated in bright colors and with soft furniture, while low windows allow them to enjoy the sights and sounds outside. In a separate area there are rocking chairs and cribs for each child. With natural light shining through the window and soft sounds, infants enjoy nap time in their own personal area.

The toddler rooms are equally colorful and engaging, with children’s artwork displayed prominently throughout each room. There are age-appropriate toys, and climbing and play areas to help toddlers learn how their bodies work and move. The low windows continue into each of these rooms so toddlers may enjoy watching the older children play outside, or seeing nature as it unfolds before them.

Pre-School and School Age

Walking into RCC for the first time, parents almost always notice one thing immediately: there are no classrooms. For the preschool and school-age programs, this is absolutely true: RCC has an open classroom environment. Each program has its own separate room, where children of different ages within that program interact freely.

On a typical day, preschool and school-age children first go to their home base for their assigned class and teacher, and as the day progresses they move throughout the room to a variety of different activity stations. Teachers are present and involved throughout the day to help keep children focused, so there is always a happy hum of controlled activity in this unique space as children learn and play together.

Playgrounds & Other Facilities

We are especially proud of our RCC playground. We have a fabulous large outdoor play space that overlooks a quiet wooded area that we have broken into separate areas so that children of appropriate ages may play together. We keep our playground equipped with the most up-to-date age-appropriate equipment, and there is plenty of room for children to run and laugh and play.

RCC also has its own commercial kitchen where RCC staff prepares lunches and snacks for the children, with an eye toward variety and nutrition but being fully aware of individual food allergies.

There is also an available resource room, and parents are invited to use this room to meet with teachers and other parents. Books, videos and periodicals are available and may be checked out for use at home.